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Why is it so difficult to grasp?

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Yesterday a new friend of mine asked me if I get lonely – not having a life partner.  I do.  She said that that was so sad. She wished a wish for me to find a life partner so that I can be happy.  I told her I am happy. She could not grasp that.  Why is it not possible to feel lonely sometimes but to still be happy?  I think it is.  My happiness does not come from outside sources. I get happiness from the inside.

I don’t have to have all my boxes ticked to be happy.  Is that so wrong?  I think she thinks I am lying…..

Further news – I have dumped Toyboy (in a nice way).  It just didn’t feel right and warning bells were ringing. I always ignore warning bells and then regret it later.  This time I didn’t.

So now is the time to sign up for internet dating….  why am I procrastinating?


Open letters to the men in my life (past, present and future)

Dear Toyboy

You kiss like a dream but I have the feeling you are toying with me……

Dear WW

You should still be mourning me – not screwing the tart that you messed around with and then told me she is not your type.  You deny it but I have noticed that you have stopped begging to come home.

Dear SS

I got your letter. I see you still deny me my right to have emotions and feelings. I am glad we are not together. I still love and miss you. How sad.

Dear Mr A

You need to get your act together if you are ever going to have a decent relationship.  Be a man, get a spine, make decisions, and don’t let people down. Thank you for still being my friend after I said no.

Dear Girldad

I am glad you are finally happy. That makes me happy.

Dear Boydad

I am still mad at you (after 22 years) for being such a bad example to your child. He deserves better.

Dear Soulmate

Where the heck are you?  I miss you…