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It’s A Bigger Industry Than Porn (via LifeBytes…Real Stories)

A great post I found on Lifebytes blog – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

It's A Bigger Industry Than Porn Online dating that is. I found this interesting little nugget in my travels through the land of the internets. So I started thinking (hold the blonde jokes)…what other fascinating yet totally useless bits of inane trivia could I dig up. I dug up shovels-full. Apparently us online singles are a hot topic in the exciting world of Statistics. Sites like Dating Sites Reviews and even the Huffington Post have weighed in on the topic. Heck, Mariann a … Read More

via LifeBytes…Real Stories


Who knew? (via The Burnt Chop Syndrome)

So sad but so true…….

A great post from “the Burnt Chop Syndrome”

I have discovered something vaguely disturbing.  It seems that tracksuit pants are now considered sexy.  Over the past month or so, each time I have ventured out of the house with my trackies on, and wandered the back streets,  I have been whistled at.  Usually from a van.  Do you think it could be the same van?  This may be another, slightly more disturbing, discovery.  I don’t think my suburb is one that could be considered van heavy – SUV heav … Read More

via The Burnt Chop Syndrome

Housework maketh the man (via Melbourne Mumma)

When will guys realise that when we say stuff like this – we are being so very serious? It always seems to be said tongue-in-cheek but seriously boys – those yellow gloves are sexy!

Do most men just not care about being sexy?


Housework maketh the man This post may be lengthy, as I have a fair bit to say on this topic:  the impact that doing housework has on a man's attractiveness.  It's a topic I've been meaning to address here for some time.  So please, bear with me! Recently, I saw "The Town".  It's a movie.  With Ben Affleck in it.  Looking like this. Oh, there was also this other guy in it.  Jon Hamm?  I'm not really a fan, but know a lot of you are…so here you go.  (I don't watch Mad M … Read More

via Melbourne Mumma

Greetings from my darker side

Today I have started this new blog.  It is not my first, but is my first venture into spilling my guts publicly.  On my other blog – I talk about all the things that I do in the real world – it’s about the visible me.  This blog is about my alter ego, my secret self, and about what I really think.  It will be a place where I can express my true feelings on certain subjects without hurting anyones feelings.

The biggest mistake that I made on my other blog was to let all my friends, family, lovers and ex lovers know about it.  This one must, for very good reasons, be anonymous.

I hope you’ll be back to share my secrets, my real feelings and my new forays into the dating scene as I am recently single.  I hope we can share a good laugh and maybe a tear or two along the way.