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Sifting process

This is a sieve (also known as a strainer).

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After a tedious process of sifting through the responses I have received on the dating site, I am now chatting to 5 or 6 gentlemen.

I almost threw in the towel while going through all the “hello how are you-tell me about yourself” responses I got.  It just held no sparkle really – telling everyone the same old stuff  over. and. over. again.  I almost set up a routine response that I could just copy and paste.

There are still a few that need to be sieved out I think – and strangely enough I am still chatting to the “toe nail” man although I know he has to go.  I just find his outlook on dating so……. weird and fascinating.  I am not stringing him along – don’t get me wrong,  I don’t think that I would go as far as to meet him – especially not with my toenails 🙂

I was just wondering why I am finding this process to tiring and frustrating.  Should I not be excited to meet new people?  Maybe my heart just isn’t in it……….


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  1. K, so mind if I give my two cents?

    Of COURSE you aren’t excited by it! I don’t want to be depressing or anything but really, what is exciting here? We’re supposedly “supposed” to be excited about meeting new people, right? Well, yeah, if that is what we want to be doing. But when what we want to be doing is meeting a good, nice guy to date, then the meeting people is only a means to an end. It is arduous (so random) and exhausting. At least for me.

    Sometimes I’ll get excited. Like, if I start thinking there is potential with a specific person. But my guess is that if you’re still communicating with 5-6 guys, then you have not yet felt anything to special about any of them.

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