Musings of a (slightly) older single woman

This is an excerpt from a message I received from a man on the dating site.  It is from an introductory email –  I really do understand what he is getting at but please(!)  – does one even say these things?  Maybe he was just trying to be funny, and I did laugh out loud……..

During this 7 years, I had 2 fairly serious relationships, one of
which came to an end primarliy as a result of age difference!!, and
the other one with a lady from Germany (we simply fell in love at
first sight)  because there are too many practical difficulties in
terms of her children finishing off school, further education and the
like. The latter and I are still great friends. As a matter of fact,
we recently had a great holiday together, and the photos on the site
was taken during this holiday – so they are “fresh”!!.

The difficulty with this type of making contact is always – where does
one begin?? What topics does one cover??

I am a very “young at heart” individual, and reasonably active. I try
to keep fit by either jogging / going to the gym at least three times
a week. (Heart rate at rest is around 65bpm) I also eat healthy and in
general take pretty good care of myself. (I hate “sloppiness”)
Jokingly (but actually quite serious) I always say that all that a
women has to look for to see if a man looks reasonably well after
himself, is to have a look at his toe nails. Well, I also found
a good bit of validity to this statement in encounters with some women
as well – which of course is a “run” signal!!

Would love to hear your opinions

Happy dating


Comments on: "Internet dating is at least giving me a few laughs…." (6)

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    No wonder this guy has been looking for 7 years! As a guy of the species, I will just try to tackle his message bit by bit. First, ya don’t put pictures of yourself and your previous partner on a DATING site! The previous relationship ended because her kids had to go to College? (confusing) “Young at Heart” means the dude is old as dirt. Why the heck share the heart rate? Do women actually look at a man and wonder “hmmmmmm….he’s a little slice of heaven….I wonder what his resting heart rate is….”? “Takes pretty good care of himself” pretty much assures that you will be picking up underwear and socks from the floor…like every day! and finally….the toenails…… this man would probably take you out to a nice romantic restaurant, order some wine, get you laughing and feeling at ease, and then look out!! Off come the socks and on to the table come the bare feet so he can show off his toes!! (I never show my toes until at least the 3rd date!) Just my opinion on the guy….

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Noooooooo!! Major no no!!! You can quickly disclose the number of relationships that you have been in (in 10 seconds or less) and then you lock that away!! NO PICTURES!!

  3. NO freakin’ WAY! You promise this is real? That IS amusing!

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