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When will guys realise that when we say stuff like this – we are being so very serious? It always seems to be said tongue-in-cheek but seriously boys – those yellow gloves are sexy!

Do most men just not care about being sexy?


Housework maketh the man This post may be lengthy, as I have a fair bit to say on this topic:  the impact that doing housework has on a man's attractiveness.  It's a topic I've been meaning to address here for some time.  So please, bear with me! Recently, I saw "The Town".  It's a movie.  With Ben Affleck in it.  Looking like this. Oh, there was also this other guy in it.  Jon Hamm?  I'm not really a fan, but know a lot of you are…so here you go.  (I don't watch Mad M … Read More

via Melbourne Mumma


Comments on: "Housework maketh the man (via Melbourne Mumma)" (4)

  1. Oh thanks so much for mentioning my post! I’m pleased it struck a chord with you. Thanks so much!!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Hey! I am the HOUSEWIFE of the family so I bring all new meaning to the word SEXY! You should see me dragging the vaccum around and carrying laundry baskets! This is sexy stuff! 🙂

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