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When is backsliding a good thing?

Playing on the Merry go round

Playing on the Merry go round by The Knowles Gallery via Flickr

I have been seeing my ex quite often recently – as friends only.  He is lonely and so am I so I thought it would not be a bad thing.  Just over a week ago we spent the whole day together alone doing stuff that we used to do together.  The evening ended on an intimate note  which it should not have done.  I was weak.  I felt sorry for him. I felt sorry for me.

How can I forget the things he did. How can I not remember how he lied and pulled the wool over my eyes while he messed with other girls?  Externally he creates the impression of being a kind and loving man – very considerate and such a gentleman – I know he does this – yet I let it work on me again.  I also know that he lies and cheats.  He has still not admitted to everything that happened.

And I frigging let him under my skin again!  AM I MAD?

I don’t want him back.  I know this.  What am I doing?  He is being so sweet and kind to me – is it real?  Probably not? He is a psychologist.  He messes with my stupid, stupid head.  I LET him!!!!




It’s A Bigger Industry Than Porn (via LifeBytes…Real Stories)

A great post I found on Lifebytes blog – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

It's A Bigger Industry Than Porn Online dating that is. I found this interesting little nugget in my travels through the land of the internets. So I started thinking (hold the blonde jokes)…what other fascinating yet totally useless bits of inane trivia could I dig up. I dug up shovels-full. Apparently us online singles are a hot topic in the exciting world of Statistics. Sites like Dating Sites Reviews and even the Huffington Post have weighed in on the topic. Heck, Mariann a … Read More

via LifeBytes…Real Stories

Sifting process

This is a sieve (also known as a strainer).

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After a tedious process of sifting through the responses I have received on the dating site, I am now chatting to 5 or 6 gentlemen.

I almost threw in the towel while going through all the “hello how are you-tell me about yourself” responses I got.  It just held no sparkle really – telling everyone the same old stuff  over. and. over. again.  I almost set up a routine response that I could just copy and paste.

There are still a few that need to be sieved out I think – and strangely enough I am still chatting to the “toe nail” man although I know he has to go.  I just find his outlook on dating so……. weird and fascinating.  I am not stringing him along – don’t get me wrong,  I don’t think that I would go as far as to meet him – especially not with my toenails 🙂

I was just wondering why I am finding this process to tiring and frustrating.  Should I not be excited to meet new people?  Maybe my heart just isn’t in it……….

Who knew? (via The Burnt Chop Syndrome)

So sad but so true…….

A great post from “the Burnt Chop Syndrome”

I have discovered something vaguely disturbing.  It seems that tracksuit pants are now considered sexy.  Over the past month or so, each time I have ventured out of the house with my trackies on, and wandered the back streets,  I have been whistled at.  Usually from a van.  Do you think it could be the same van?  This may be another, slightly more disturbing, discovery.  I don’t think my suburb is one that could be considered van heavy – SUV heav … Read More

via The Burnt Chop Syndrome

Internet dating is at least giving me a few laughs….

This is an excerpt from a message I received from a man on the dating site.  It is from an introductory email –  I really do understand what he is getting at but please(!)  – does one even say these things?  Maybe he was just trying to be funny, and I did laugh out loud……..

During this 7 years, I had 2 fairly serious relationships, one of
which came to an end primarliy as a result of age difference!!, and
the other one with a lady from Germany (we simply fell in love at
first sight)  because there are too many practical difficulties in
terms of her children finishing off school, further education and the
like. The latter and I are still great friends. As a matter of fact,
we recently had a great holiday together, and the photos on the site
was taken during this holiday – so they are “fresh”!!.

The difficulty with this type of making contact is always – where does
one begin?? What topics does one cover??

I am a very “young at heart” individual, and reasonably active. I try
to keep fit by either jogging / going to the gym at least three times
a week. (Heart rate at rest is around 65bpm) I also eat healthy and in
general take pretty good care of myself. (I hate “sloppiness”)
Jokingly (but actually quite serious) I always say that all that a
women has to look for to see if a man looks reasonably well after
himself, is to have a look at his toe nails. Well, I also found
a good bit of validity to this statement in encounters with some women
as well – which of course is a “run” signal!!

Would love to hear your opinions

Happy dating

Housework maketh the man (via Melbourne Mumma)

When will guys realise that when we say stuff like this – we are being so very serious? It always seems to be said tongue-in-cheek but seriously boys – those yellow gloves are sexy!

Do most men just not care about being sexy?


Housework maketh the man This post may be lengthy, as I have a fair bit to say on this topic:  the impact that doing housework has on a man's attractiveness.  It's a topic I've been meaning to address here for some time.  So please, bear with me! Recently, I saw "The Town".  It's a movie.  With Ben Affleck in it.  Looking like this. Oh, there was also this other guy in it.  Jon Hamm?  I'm not really a fan, but know a lot of you are…so here you go.  (I don't watch Mad M … Read More

via Melbourne Mumma

You have to sort through the chaff

I have finally signed up and paid for an internet dating site and have started to chat to a few men.  Boy-oh-boy, some moments are hilarious and others are downright horrendous.  I guess one finds all sorts of people who are lonely on these sites.

I am currently sorting through the available men in my age range and deleting those that:-

1.  just want sex

2. want a free maid

3. want sex and a free maid

and I think there are very few left.

I started chatting to a man today and when he heard where I live (its quite an exotic location) he told me that I am very lucky to live there.  When I answered him I said, in all seriousness, that I had worked very hard in my life to be able to live the way I do where I do and that I don’t really believe in luck – life is what you make of it.

He replied:

I hate sarcasm

and the dating program said….

Chris has placed you on ignore – you will no longer be able to contact him.

Ha!  And I wonder why I am unlucky in love………..