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Internet dating

So I am toying with the idea of signing up with a dating site.  I have already registered but now they want my money.  Recently I have met two people from the internet. One rather loopy and the other rather hot – but WAY to young for me.  He is the one I call Toyboy – we now see each other about once a month – just getting to know each other.  I know there is no future in the relationship yet I am hesitant to walk away because I find it fun and exciting (and he kisses like an absolute dream!)  All we have done is kissed so far.  He arrives to visit again next month.

Why I think it won’t work

  • He is 8 years younger than me
  • He is still interested (maybe) in getting married and having children – I am not able to have any more children and I don’t want anymore
  • He is very ambitious and career driven – I have been there, done that, and now want to relax and enjoy my life
  • He would like to go and live in the USA once his business is better established there – I don’t.
  • We live too far apart ( 2 hour drive)
  • He often works on weekends.
  • He does not communicate very well – leaves messages hanging and seems to hold back a lot

So now tell me why I have not called it all off?  I really baffle myself sometimes 🙂


Comments on: "Internet dating" (2)

  1. Sometimes life is about having fun and living in the moment. I say continue to spend time with him if that’s what makes you happy. You only live once. And, if you’re not interested in getting married or having any more children – and you make that clear to him- what do you have to lose? It’s not like you’re saving yourself for someone … or, are you?

  2. Oh yeah, about dating sites. I recommend at least checking out It’s an interesting site to use and it’s free. But not free as in cheap and tacky. Free as in, free-kin’ cool. (I’m such a nerd.)

    Oh, I feel a blog post coming. Thanks!

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