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My relationship timeline

As mentioned previously, I tend to be a serial monogamist.  For future reference, when I maybe have some blog readers, 🙂 , I have decided to make a relationship timeline for your information (it can get confusing.)

16-21   My first love  – I am still in contact with him (BB)

21-23  My first husband with whom I had my first child (boy) – we have no contact (Boydad)

26-33 My second husband with whom I had my second child (girl) – we still get on great, he has remarried and my daughter has a great stepmom. (Girldad)

34-39 A relationship with the man I mentioned in friday’s post (SS)

39 – 44 My last relationship which recently broke down (WW) – still have contact

Between these relationships there were also a few guys that I dated short-term with whom I also still have contact.

Whew!  Quite a list.

Right, so before a get many mean comments haha I must say that I do realise that I have relationship issues, or at the very least, I do not follow the norm with regards to most people out there.  I guess some folk would think that maybe I am just an airhead that goes from one man to the next (maybe I am).  I do however need to put this all into context.  I am and have been right from the beginning of my career, a successful business woman. I have excelled in many positions and was recruited to work in Europe for an international company for a few years.  I have provided well for my family throughout this time. I own two homes and am seen by most of my friends and family as a rather bright scientist.  Quite a contradiction isn’t it?

I am about to turn 45 years old.  I would like to find out why my relationships don’t last so that I can rectify the problem and finally settle down happily.  This blog is part of the process.


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  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Forgive me, because I am a guy and we men have not talent at all for writing anything remotely coherent when it comes to relationship matters. Your timeline actually appears to be MUCH more stable than a lot of peoples would be. I have had two relationships of any length and a number of short ones. In comparison, you are very stable and obviously worked very hard to make your relationships last over time. I would see this is a good thing. I think that all relationships are an ever changing journey. No person you meet is going to be the same person years later, just as you change and not the same person after that same period of time. Your changes may take you in opposite directions as you both grow and experience new things. Whereas you may have had a ton of things in common when you met, years later, you may have little in common. It does not nescessarily mean that YOU or HE has any kind of emotional or relationship defect, people just change. I am nowhere near the same person I was when I was 25 or even 35 yrs old….. things happen…people change. Now obviously, a lot of men are idiots and do idiotic and stupid things, just because we are idiots, not nescessarily because of anything the woman might have done wrong. Now I have rambled myself into completely forgetting what I was trying to say….. bottom line…. your list is not “quite” a list. It is an impressive list. If you were 44 years old and you had 27 relationships on there….now THAT would be quite a list! Hang in there! He is out there. Not the “next” name on the list….hopefully the “Last” name on the list!

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